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Frequently Asked Questions Page:

What are the requirements to use the script?
Any UNIX based system should work. You will need an FTP program to load the script to the server. You will also need to know the path to Perl. The script comes setup with the most common path, /usr/bin/perl, but you can easily change it to your settings if different. (The paths /usr/bin/perl & /usr/local/bin/perl will cover 99% of all unix type servers.)

What's the difference between the basic and advanced version of the script?
The advanced version has two key differences; search term logging and the ability for the script to perform an additional function in addition to redirecting your visitor to the url of your choice. You can use this addition function for the few affiliate networks use an additional 1x1 pixel image for tracking impressions. You can also use it to download a file, display an image, banner, or sound file, or even run another script! Very cool stuff if you use your imagination!

How hard is it to install?
Not hard at all! It's like any other cgi/perl script. You will need to transfer in ASCii format, set the permissions on the files, and set the paths in the scripts. If you've installed a cgi or perl script before, you should have no trouble. If this is a first time install for you, we offer 24 hour tech support via our forums and email support as well. (You will receive the support email address with your script.) We also provide a very detailed installation guide which most people have been able to setup the script in 10 minutes or less after reading the install guide.

Do you offer professional installation if I can't do it?
Yes! The cost for professional installation is $30 in addition to price of the script.

If I'm not in the "affiliate" game, can I still use the script?
You bet! We use it here for naviation. You can use the buttons to the left, or you just type in the page you want to go to in the search box. You can also put it on your site and have your own rudimentary search engine without the hassles of a database and/or indexing your site. Or say you have a few hundred MP3's or movies on your site. You can put the title of the song or movie as the search term, and the URL directly to the mp3 or avi file. Now your visitor can get the file they need quickly and with no hassles. You can also use the script to first search your site, and if no match is found, to automatically search the web (using any search engine or script you define) without any additional input from your visitor required. It's all done off one search box.

What about tracking my affiliate code?
We've tested the basic script on CJ, Affiliate Fuel, Websponsors and others. It has tracked perfectly in all cases. In addition, we have an advanced version in the works that will track if your affiliate network requires an additional tracking image in your code.

Can I make it open a new browser window for the redirection?
Sure can. Just check the "new" box in the admin script for each term you want to spawn a new window.

Can I get a "demo?"
Due to the nature of software and our low price, we don't offer a demo. Use this site to test all you like. If you'd like to add a few search terms, just email us at admin@searchtosale.com and we'll send you a password and admin URL so you can try out the admin function of the script for yourself.

Can I see it working on a "live" site?
Sure, check out WebWormHole.com

Is the script customizable for my site?
Absolutely! The script comes with basic html template pages which you may update as needed and it supports CSS. Additionally, you can use the script as we do here, via SSI calls. It works both ways equally well.

If I buy the basic version now, can I upgrade to the advanced version later?
Absolutely. You'll just pay the price difference at the time.

Do you offer a MySQL version of the script?
Not at the present time. The script uses a flat file, and out to about 500 serach terms, a flat file will be faster than MySQL. If you have more than 500 search terms, let us know and we'll write a MySQL version.

Where can I get more information on affiliate marketing?

What methods of payment do you accept?
Checks, money orders, Visa/Mastercard, and e-Gold at present time.

I notice that in trying out the script on your site, sometimes I'm given a page of ODP results. Is ODP included with the script?
No, sorry. The ODP results are the result of our script not finding a match, and handing off your search term to yet another companies search script. We set it up this way just to show you how it would work. You can get the ODP Directory & Search script from Anaconda.net, or hand it off to a Google search, which essentially does the same thing. See the Support Forum for help on how to do this.

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